Increase Payment Security & Enhance Shopping Experience

Mobile® BioSecure was created by payment industry veterans based on patented cloud & mobile payment technologies (US9530125, US8577804, US9159061, US9361611, US9852426). Compatible with EMV® 3-D Secure Protocol and Core Functions Specification v2.0.0. The concept was born out of the need to extend pin-based payment methods to eCommerce and later broadened to include network branded credit cards, gift cards, alternative payments, and to include brick and mortar tokenized "surrogate" mobile payments. Like a "Selfie Pay" or a modernized "Mobile 3D Secure" it is a needed solution for reducing payment card-not present fraud and increasing customer confidence and loyalty. We are interested in partners who would like to help us fully commercialize this concept and / or license our patents.

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Multiple Biometric Factors


Mobile® BioSecure is a revolutionary new tool for Merchants and Consumers based on patented cloud technology

Reduce Fraud

Reduce payment fraud, increase customer loyalty, improve shopping experience, and protect consumers from risks related to identity theft or lost & stolen cards.

The Perfect Solution

A perfect solution for 'on the go', mobile users interested in increasing the safety of their shopping experience while getting relevant offers from their favorite online stores.



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